Loggy is a Mobile App that acts as your digital logbook for your vehicle.

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Loggy App Introduction

Track all your vehicles

Make your life easier by tracking all your vehicles in one place.

Whether you have a bike, car, construction machinery or even a toy plane, you can input all their stories on Loggy.

Detailed Log

Track and record routine maintenance, tyre changes, faults or major upgrades all in one convenient place.

A detailed log that contains your entire vehicle history in one place.

Key Features

Track Mutiple Vehicles

Track an unlimited amount of vehicles from cars, motor bikes, boats, trucks, airplances and more.

Detailed Logs

Get as detailed as you’d like on your log. Include images, video, voice notes and attachment.

Fault Tracking

Keep a list of your active faults so you can attend to them next time your servicing your vehicle.

Voice Record Entries

Don’t have type to type your notes? Simply record your voice memos for each upgrade you do.

Upload Video & Images

Do you have lots of images and videos showcasing the changes that you did? Upload them all.

Capture Old Logs

Take a photo of your old log books or upload old files to capture your vehicle’s history.

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