Every vehicle has a story. Start logging your story today!

Multiple vehicles

Track all your vehicles

Make your life easier by tracking all your vehicles in one place.

Whether you have a bike, car, construction machinery or even a toy plane, you can input all their stories on Loggy.

Vehicle history

Detailed log

Track and record routine maintenance, tyre changes, faults or major upgrades all inĀ  one convenient place.

A detailed log that contains your entire vehicle history in one place.

Entire History in one place

Whether it’s a oil change or entire engine rebuild, capture the entire history your vehicle in one place.

Fault Tracking

Track all your faults so you can keep track of the list of things to fix up next time you services your vehicle.

More updates coming soon

Loggy is a growing app and we are constantly updating it with better features and user experience.


What You Get

Track Multiple Vehicles

Detailed logs

Fault tracking

Upload Video & Images

Voice record entries

Capture old logs

Download Loggy

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